Sheikh Hasina: Charting a Surprising Course for Bangladesh’s Future 

Md Kamrul Hussain

File Photo: Md Kamrul Hussain

Bangladesh has more than thousand years history. This country has gained  a great source of natural resources by grace of god. It’s soil is compared with gold. In ancient times, everything was not available like as present times. But, Bangladesh was one of wealthy state.  People from different parts of the world has come here for many aspects such as business, works or occupying the rulling power and so on.

From ancient Chandragupta to till Sheikh Hasina, most of all have glorifying ruling historic period. Every ruller has some own specialities. Running prime minister Sheikh Hasina who has elected  continuously four times and overall five times. 

Everyone says she is different from all other rullers of Bangladesh. There are several reasons for getting differences Sheikh Hasina to others.  Western media has depicted her as Iron Lady of Asia.

Bangladesh is running on the highway of developments.  She has taken many bravery development projects such as Padma Bridge, Padma bridge railway connection,  Rooppur autonomic Energy plant, Bangabandhu Satellite,  Matarbari Harbour sea port, Rampal coal Energy plant, Matarbari super thermal power plant, most of the National Highways has become elevated expressway. She has provided many social security funds for old age,  obstacle, wido,  maternity  allowance and such as eighteen programmes from where more Than two crore people have sustained. Homeless people is now on the way of extinction in Bangladesh Because her government has provided home and spaces with building products Between no cost.  People can tell they have life security so that anyone can’t kill other freely, everyone must face the result of his bad activities.  Corruption rate is also decreasing day by day.  It’s economy is in 35th position of the world. Few years ago, Bangladesh has rated as a country of developing economy and will become the  20th biggest economy in 2041 according to World Bank, IMF, ADB etc. Moreover, as a person, Sheikh Hasina has obtained many international awards for various social and development issues. Additionally, she has  also become the voice Hasina ntrodden people. 

In this position of Bangladesh,  there is only one contributor, Sheikh Hasina.  She does not follow any rullers, She is the maker of rules. She carries an astonishing diplomacy so that all world’s super power has started in the same tone about Bangladesh issues. 

It is time to go ahead as first world countries, no one could  hinder the way of Sheikh Hasina. This day is not far when her rulling period  will become a research issue for other countries.

The writer is Vice-president of Jagannath University Unit of Bangladesh Student’s League.