JnU students block roads on fourth day against reinstatement of qouta


JnU Correspondent

On the fourth day of their movement under the banner of the Anti-Discrimination Student Movement, Jagannath University (JnU) students continued their protest and road blockade, against the reinstatement of the quota system.

On Wednesday (July 3), the movement began at the Kathaltola area of the campus. The protest march then circled the Ray Shaheb Bazar area and ended with a sit-in at the Tatibazar intersection of Old Dhaka. 

During the protest, the students blocked the road at Tatibazar but allowed ambulances and other emergency services to pass.

Speaking on behalf of the protesting students, Roky Hossain, a student of the History Department, said, “We demand the cancellation of the High Court’s verdict on the discriminatory quota system. Additionally, we want merit-based recruitment in government jobs instead of quotas. Such discrimination cannot continue in an independent country. We will not leave the streets until our demands are met.”

Another student, Abdullah Mamun, added, “The quota system does not ensure proper merit evaluation. Talented individuals do not get their deserved positions. We want merit-based evaluation and positions to be managed by deserving people. This discrimination must be eradicated from society. This is our demand to the government.”

The protesters also mentioned that they would announce their next course of action through their own platform on Facebook.