Court orders Korean LS Cable Director Sam Yeo to Appear

Staff Reporter, Dhaka

In a case filed against South Korean electrical cable manufacturer LS Cable & System Limited for allegedly embezzling around BDT 50 crore by engaging local companies without paying their dues, a court has ordered the project director Sam Yeo to appear in court via a newspaper notice.

Recently, the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s office in Dhaka issued this notice. The notice orders the mentioned defendant to appear before the honorable court MM-5 within the next 10 days. Otherwise, the trial will proceed in the defendant’s absence.

The notice states that since CRM Case-266/2023 has been filed against LS Cable’s project director Sam Yeo, and an arrest warrant has been issued against this defendant, and as per the provisions of Sections 87 and 88 of the Criminal Procedure Code 1898, actions have been taken against this defendant. The court has reason to believe that the defendant is absconding or hiding to avoid arrest and is unlikely to be apprehended soon.

The notice further states that under the provisions of Section 339B (1) of the Criminal Procedure Code, this defendant is ordered to appear before the honorable MM Court No. 05 within 10 days of the issuance of this order for the trial of the cases listed alongside their name. Otherwise, the trial will proceed in their absence.

Regarding these allegations against LS Cable & System Limited, the Managing Director of BNF Engineers Limited, the local agent, and subcontractor, Lion Engineer Md. Mustafa Kamal, stated that LS Cable has been working for a long time with various government electricity distribution companies in Bangladesh to supply and install high-capacity underground cables. To complete this work smoothly, they contracted with renowned Bangladeshi contracting firm BNF Engineers Limited as their local agent and subcontractor. Initially, they raised bills according to the terms of the contract and made payments. Later, they started depositing the bills into their own account instead of paying.

“Despite BNF Engineers submitting multiple invoices for the due payment, no payment was made. Approximately 48 crore taka is stuck with LS Cable & System Limited across four contracts with the Korean company.”, he added.

He has sought the intervention of higher authorities in the government to recover the due payments promptly.