Parentless Children in Mymensingh Urge Government for Easy Birth Registration

District Correspondent, Mymensingh

Thousands of parentless children across the country, including those in Mymensingh, are being deprived of birth certificates due to the lack of an easy online application process for birth registration for street children who are without parents and identity. Without birth certificates, these children are unable to enroll in school and are missing out on various government benefits. Therefore, they have urged the government to bring them under an easy birth registration process.

These children made their demand at a media campaign titled “Problems/Challenges and Necessary Actions for Birth Registration of Street Children,” organized by Caritas Mymensingh region on Monday (June 10,2024.) The campaign was held at the regional auditorium of Caritas Mymensingh.

At the media campaign, these children said,”Without birth registration, the future of thousands of our children is uncertain. Like other children, we also want to go to school, but we can’t get admitted to school just because we don’t have birth registration, and we don’t receive any government facilities either. We earnestly request the government to provide us with birth certificates through an easy process.”

Mymensingh Social Service Officer Tahmina Nasrin said, “We are distressed that we cannot provide birth registration for these children. This issue needs to be resolved urgently. We all need to come forward. If we can’t provide certificates to these children, it will lead to worse outcomes for us in the future. They are part of our society and cannot be neglected.”

Addressing as chief guest, Mazaharul Islam, Senior Assistant Secretary of Mymensingh City Corporation, said, “There is no process yet to apply online for the birth registration of children whose parents’ identities are unknown. Even if we write ‘information not available’ during the application, we cannot issue their birth certificates. We will inform higher authorities in the government from our end so that these children can get birth certificates easily without any hassle. Since the issue is being discussed, I hope it will lead to a solution.”

Rabiul Alam from Caritas Central Office said, “Under the existing birth certificate issuance process, children who have parental identity face some problems but can still obtain birth certificates. However, children who know nothing about their parents cannot apply for birth registration online. We are working at national level as well alongside region to solve the issue. However, we urge local duty bearers to rise the issue.

Apurba Mrong, Regional Director of Caritas Mymensingh, as President of the event said, “Without birth registration, these children are in a sort of existential crisis. Even developed countries once had street children, but they solved this problem through various initiatives. We are also working to ensure that there are no street children here in the future. This problem can only be solved with the coordination of all of us.” 

Among others Officer-in-Charge of Kotwali Model Police Station Moin Uddin, Mymensingh Press Club Secretary Amit Roy, UNICEF Bangladesh’s Education Officer Sabbir Ahmed, Mymensingh City Corporation Councilor Halima Khatun Happy, UNICEF Education Officer Sabbir Ahmed, Caritas Bangladesh Field Officer Bipasha Mankhin, and Rabiul Alam addressed the event. Representatives of various NGOs, social groups, and child groups were also present at the event.