New generation must know the real history : JnU VC

JnU Correspondent

Jagannath University Vice-chancellor Professor Dr Sadeka Halim said that the new generation of the country must know the real history of the country. 

She said that while addressing an event titled Glorious Victory held at Mujib Mancha of the university on Tuesday.

While addressing the event she said, assassinating a country’s great leader and the father of the nation is the most condemnable and disgraceful incident globally. On the night of March 25, Bangabandhu first declared independence, and later, someone read this declaration on the radio. Our students were long kept in confusion in those regards. New generation must know the real history of the country. 

JnU Tresurer Dr. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury highlighted the sacrifices of the martyrs and the role of Bangabandhu in achieving independence while addressing the program. 

He said that the country did not gain freedom through any compromise but through the sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs and the heroic Liberation War.

Mafidul Haque, the founder and Trustee of the Liberation War Museum, said that the partition of 1947, communalism, and the journey to Pakistan cast a darkness over this subcontinent, especially affecting the people of East Bengal. From there, various efforts for awakening took place, and in this awakening, the role of the youth, teachers, politicians, and the father of the nation, Bangabandhu, was unparalleled. The driving force behind the Bengali movement was indeed Bangabandhu.” 

Among others, JnU Arts faculty Dean Professor Dr. Hosne Ara Begum. JnU unit BCL President Ibrahim Forazi and General Secretary S. M. Aktar Hossain addressed the event. 

Cultural performances, including drama, dance, and music, were part of the program, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the university. The program concluded with the participation of various university officials, faculty members, students, and other guests.