JnU admin fails to host promised Eid Feast, leaving students frustrated 

JnU Correspondent

Jagannath University (JNU) had announced a feast for students and staff staying in Dhaka during Eid, promising a meal with five goats, pilaf and korma. Despite claiming to have purchased the goats, the university administration failed to organize any feast on Eid day, causing frustration among the students.

Students expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that the administration invited them for a meal but did not show up or make any arrangements. “The administration promised a feast with goat meat, but they didn’t even provide plain rice. How can they invite us and then not show up? It’s shameless,” one student remarked.

Witnesses say, on Eid day no preparations were made by the administration on campus. No administrative personnel were present. A few students who came expecting the feast left empty-handed.

Earlier, on Thursday, JnU Proctor Jahangir Hossain had announced for the first time that under the Vice-Chancellor’s directive, the administration would buy five goats and provide a meal with pilaf and korma for students staying in Dhaka. “We aim to share Eid joy with the students. We plan to serve lunch for 300-350 people, including some staff who will also be in Dhaka,” he had said.

JnU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sadeka Halim also stated that she had heard some students would be in Dhaka for Eid and wanted to ensure they had a good lunch to keep their spirits high. 

Despite these announcements, the reality on Eid day was the opposite. No arrangements were made by the administration.

Fazle Rabbi, a third-year student, said, “I had to stay in Dhaka for special reasons. The cook in our mess went home for Eid, and there was no one to cook. Hearing the administration’s announcement, I came for the feast, only to find nothing, not even plain rice. Nearby shops were closed, so there was nothing to eat. This is humiliating.”

A fourth-year student, Ahnaf Tahmid, who stayed in a mess in Gandaria, said, “I didn’t go home for Eid because of exams. Cooking for myself on Eid was difficult. I heard the administration would provide a meal, so I came to campus, only to find no one from the administration here. They should have just informed us if there were no arrangements.”

When asked Proctor Jahangir Hossain said the administration had instructed arrangements to be made, with cooking taking place near the Arts Building. He mentioned that the university proctorial body members were on campus and that the Chhatra League was assisting them.

However, BCL said they separately organized the feast with six goats on behalf of the  Prime Minister. They welcomed and served everyone who came. Students who came to have feast of the university administration, later joined the feast hosted by BCL JnU unit.

“It doesn’t matter which invitation brought them here; we gave our best service to all.” BCL leaders added.