Primary education the first lesson in creating smart citizens: Rumana Ali

Staff Reporter, Dhaka

The state Minister for Primary and Mass Education, Rumana Ali MP, said that Primary education is the first lesson in creating smart citizens of the future, and the current government is committed to doing everything possible for the development of this education.

She said this at a seminar organised at the Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh on Sunday.  In the keynote speech at the seminar, she highlighted the importance of fostering practical skills in the country.

Rumana Ali said that ensuring culturally sensitive primary education with a modernized infrastructure for teachers’ appropriate training and creating a joyful environment for students is a priority in the country’s schools. The subject of providing this education is being ensured alongside the modernization of the physical structures of schools across the nation. 

“The future workforce of Bangladesh will emerge from the hands of competent and skilled teachers. Therefore, recruitment of qualified teachers is being conducted with a focus on integrity. Smart classrooms and language labs are being established in schools.”, she added. 

Engr. A.K.M. Hamid, the President of IDEB, presided over the seminar while among others, former Education Secretary Nazrul Islam Khan, Dilip Kumar Banik, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, and Dr. M. Shah Alam Majumdar addressed the seminar.