Chhatra League to Plant Five Lakh Trees in 10 Days

Staff Reporter

In a bid to combat the recent severe heatwave and achieve sustainable development goals, Bangladesh Chhatra League has announced plans to plant more than five lakh trees in just 10 days.

Confirming the initiative on Saturday evening, Chhatra League President Saddam Hossain stated that the organization aims to include this undertaking in the Guinness Book of World Records as part of Environment Day 2024 celebrations.

In a statement, Chhatra League highlighted, “The ongoing climate change has led to a severe heatwave across the country, adversely affecting the normal lives of citizens. In response, the government has temporarily closed educational institutions for the safety of students, issued heat alerts for the public, and provided necessary guidance.”

Chhatra League has also issued necessary directives to its activists regarding this initiative, including:

1. Completing the tree planting campaign between April 21 and 30.

2. Seeking guidance and cooperation from agricultural experts and government agricultural departments to ensure proper tree planting.

3. Providing regular water to the planted trees during the dry season.

4. Ensuring proper care of the planted trees.

5. Each upazila unit to plant one thousand trees, and each educational institution unit to plant five hundred trees.

6. Increasing awareness among students through tree planting initiatives.

7. Promoting tree planting activities through photos and videos on social media platforms.