Abantika’s suicide : JnU suspends accused

JnU Correspondent

Fairuz Sadaf Abantika, a Jagannath University (JnU) Law Department student of the session 2017-18, committed suicide by hanging herself after posting on Facebook on Friday night.

After posting on Facebook about her committing suicide Fairuz committed suicide by hanging herself at her Cumilla residence on Friday night around 10 pm. Later she was immediately rescued and taken to the district headquarters hospital. The doctors at the hospital said that she was no more.

In her Facebook post, Abantika mentioned that her classmate Amman Siddique and assistant proctor Deen Islam would be responsible for her suicide.

“I am asking the vice-chancellor Sadeka Halim ma’am to judge it as the guardian of this institution”, she mentioned in her Facebook post to seek justice.

Amman Siddiqui said, “I have had no contact with her for a long time. I am not even connected to Facebook, Messenger or anywhere. To prove myself as guilty I need evidence. These allegations are baseless without evidence”, when he was asked regarding this issue.

Denying the complaint, Assistant Proctor Deen Islam said, “I have no involvement with it. We talked about the boy with the girl a year and a half ago. I want appropriate action to be taken subject to sound investigation of this incident.”

A massive protest broke out and continued till Saturday morning, demanding justice for Fairuz.

Amid protests of the students, Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Sadeka Halim
assured the students that a fair investigation will be conducted according to the laws of the university.

Meanwhile, the university administration suspended accused assistant proctor Deen Islam and her classmate Amman Siddique.

In this regard, an investigation committee consisting of five high-powered members was formed by convening the president of the JnU Teachers’ Association, Professor Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain. It is noted that the committee has been instructed to quickly investigate the incident and submit a report to the Vice-Chancellor.

Abantika’s namaz-e-janaza was held at her own hometown Cumilla at After Zuhr prayer.

However, JnU students once again organized a rally on the campus at 3 pm where they protested and seeked justice for Abantika demanding maximum punishment of accused Amman Siddiqui and Deen Islam.