Tanjin Tisha apologizes to journos for ‘unprofessional behavior’

Television actress Tanjin Tisha has apologized to the entertainment journalists for her ‘unprofessional behavior and statement’ against them.
She offered her apologies after a meeting with the entertainment journalists at the office of the Detective Branch of Police at Mintu Road in capital Dhaka on Saturday.
She said, “I got admitted to hospital a few days ago with sickness and after returning home, I saw a couple of news portals made news with my suicide attempt in the headline.
“At that time, journalist Tamim whom I didn’t know gave me a text message which I thought was not logical for this time. Being aggrieved by this, I told him over the phone that I would take the highest action if he made news about the text.
“I know the words were not right which I used with him over the phone and later, I realized my fault and offered apologies to all.
“Amid this, other journalists got angry hearing my phone record and protested it which is very rational.
“But many people make false news about me and my family and many others write on social media which is very disrespectful for me as a woman and an artist.
“Apart from me, other artistes are cyberbullied and threatened and rumors are spread around them, and seeing these, I went to the DB office to complain in this regard.
“I mentioned Tamim and the name of his workplace when the reporters questioned me there which was not motivated at all. Rather, I mentioned it to explain his identity. For this, I apologize to all of the institution.
“Besides, I withdraw the complaint I made to the police as Tamim understood his fault.” 
Mohammad Harun or Rashid, additional commissioner and chief of DB of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, and Ovinoy Shilpi Sangha president Ahsan Habib Nasim and general secretary Rawnak Hasan, among others, were present at that time.
Earlier on November 16, a rumor spread that Tanjin Tisha attempted to commit suicide following her admission to hospital with sickness.
Different media outlets also made stories with the ‘suicide attempt’ in the headline.
Later, she in a Facebook post said she did not try to kill herself rather she got admitted to hospital for vomiting and took primary treatment there.
The actress allegedly angrily behaved with Mazharul Islam Tamim, a journalist at a private television channel, when he in a message sought her statement about another rumor that she had an abortion. 
She also threatened to take action against him if he made news about it.
Later, the journalists took to the streets and demanded she offer an unconditional apology for the behavior and threat.