Lakshmipur-4: polls heat up with independent candidates vying for victory alongside AL

Staff Reporter

8 December 2023

As the national elections on January 7 approach, Lakshmipur-4 constituency (Ramgati and Kamal Nagar) is witnessing a dynamic political landscape. While the ruling Awami League (AL) has officially endorsed central AL leader Faridun Nahar Laily, the emergence of independent candidates, also AL leaders, Abdullah Al Mamun and Iskander Mirza Shamim has added an unexpected twist to the electoral narrative.

The Election Commission (EC) validated the nomination papers of all three candidates, signaling a competitive race. With the absence of BNP in the elections, these leaders have become focal points of discussion.

Faridun Nahar Laily, who got AL ticket for the first time from the constrituency, boasts strong local AL support. On the other hand, Abdullah Al Mamun, a seasoned former MP, has cultivated a robust network during his previous term, especially within the youth wing.

Iskander Mirza Shamim, a central AL leader, has quickly gained prominence through media appearances and local AL connections. His expanding influence sets the stage for an intense electoral contest on January 7.

In a field of eight candidates, including Mahmuda Begum and Md Solaiman, the cancellation of three nominations, including the running MP Major Mannan, has further intensified the competition.

While this year’s elections seemingly guarantee AL’s victory, independent candidates, unburdened by party constraints, are emerging as the principal challengers. Their decision to run independently underscores a determination to prove their popularity at the local level.

Addressing the allowance for AL leaders to run independently, AL General Secretary Obaidul Quader emphasized the party’s non-interference, stating, “The prime minister has permitted those desiring to contest independently. Our party maintains a consistent stance on this matter.”

As Lakshmipur-4 gears up for a compelling electoral showdown, the dynamics of independent candidates alongside the AL nominee promise a noteworthy spectacle on January 7.