JnU student Belal Sarker secures CIP status

JnU Correspondent

Engineer Hossain Belal Sarker, a US expat and former student of Jagannath University English Department has been honoured with a Commercially Important Person (CIP) status in recognition of his contribution to Bangladesh’s economy. 

He received this status in the category of non-resident for remitting the maximum amount of foreign exchange through legal channels in the country, according to a press release issued on Sunday. 

Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Minister Imran Ahmed presented the CIP card and crest to the relatives of Hossain Belal Sarker and others in an official program at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in the capital on Saturday, marking National Expatriate Day. 

In a notification on December 20, the government acknowledged the largest foreign exchange remitting non-resident Bangladeshis for the years 2022 and 2023, designating them as Commercially Important Persons under the CIP-NRB category. Over the past two years, 150 non-resident Bangladeshis have received this esteemed CIP status.

Belal Hossain Sarker said that expatriates performing important role in restoring the country’s economy, particularly by sending remittances through legal channels to enhance the nation’s revenue.

He urged the government and embassies to take effective steps to ensure the welfare of expatriates.

Hossain Belal Sarker is an IT expert an Philanthropist. He also secured PR, USA EB2 (E26), in Professional Skills category in the USA.