Gaza truce takes effect after 7 weeks of war

Four-day Gaza truce agreed by Hamas and Israel takes effect for first time after seven weeks of war.
Thirty-nine Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails and 13 captives in Gaza expected to be released in the coming hours, with aid trucks also crossing into Gaza.
Al Jazeera has learned that a list with the names of 39 Palestinians who are expected to be released today has been received by the Palestinian Authority.
“We are also hearing that that list may not be the final,” said Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi, reporting from Nablus, in the occupied West Bank.
“We do know for certain that no Palestinian families have as yet been informed with regards to whether or not their loved ones will be one of the people on that list of 39 names.”
Israeli forces will be stationed at the truce lines and move on the Salah al-Din axis and Beach Street in Gaza during the pause, according to the army.
It said it will not allow Palestinians to head to northern Gaza during the truce.
Journalist Ayman al-Jadi has shared footage showing Palestinian families beginning to return to their homes in the southern areas of the Gaza Strip after the start of the truce.
First three aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip. Two of them carry fuel and one is transporting gas, Al Jazeera’s Youmna ElSayed reports from the Rafah border crossing.
They are located in the parking for trucks inside Gaza and will soon be transferred to the stations.
Source: Al Jazeera